Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership

Community Outreach

The Bishop Center serves the community through events, fee-based professional development programs, and by producing, curating, and conveying relevant research in areas related to ethical leadership.

There is a high cost to lost trust. Lead ethically, with ability, benevolence and integrity.


  • Build trust: Trust is at the center of our approach because leadership is naturally a relational process and trust is the currency of relationships. Without trust, ethical leadership is not possible.   
  • Create awareness: You cannot manage what you’re not aware of. Develop your habits of mind to root out your biases and create processes that create awareness within your organizations.   
  • Make good decisions: Bad decisions have a cost, financially and relationally. Decision making (and implementation) is a process that relies on trust and communication. Without it, bias clouds and implementation can fail.  
  • Live virtuously: It is not enough to just be effective at what we do, as individuals and within our organizations. We all have a responsibility, as individuals and organizations, to act morally.

Core Beliefs

  1. Leadership matters: Ethical leadership is effective leadership that creates positive change and is a force for the greater good.   
  2. Leadership can be learned: Leadership is not a position. It is a set of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that can be learned and honed. 
  3. Leadership must be lived: Leadership is continuously cultivated through experience with others, grounded in reflective practice and active learning.  


  • Active learning  
  • Interactive events 
  • Theory into practice

Available Programs

  • Hospitality Leadership Program
    People do not quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. According to Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research, the total cost of turnover for just one front-line employee is $5,684. By sponsoring your people into this program, you will empower them to impact business goals in critical areas of your organization.

  • Women and Leadership Initiative
    The Women and Leadership Initiative at the Muma College of Business is composed of three main arms which support the education, empowerment and professional success of women. The inclusive nature of programming can not be understated, we strongly believe that open dialogue, education, and the sharing of resources is necessary to progress towards an equitable future. Individuals of all genders are encouraged to participate in academic coursework, events, and mentorship programming.