Bobbi Almirola

Bobbi Almirola

College Budget Director
Room: BSN 201A
Mailpoint: BSN 3403
Phone: (813) 974-3828

Bobbi Almirola is the budget director for the Muma College of Business. Almirola manages the budget and financial reporting of the various funding sources in the College and supervises the Muma Financial Management team that handles travel, purchasing and HR appointments for the College.

Almirola has been with the University since 1998. She worked for 12 years in Information Technologies where she gained knowledge about the Central Florida Regional Data Center, PBX system and the Tech Fee. Almirola led the Auxiliary Workgroup for many years while working in IT. She also served on the A&P Council for two terms. Almirola then worked in Student Affairs for three years learning more about student services, Student Government, Local Fee Committee and grants. In 2004, Almirola received an Outstanding Staff Award. Prior to working at the University, Almirola worked for a consulting services firm performing socio-economic analysis and a home builder where she concentrated on cost-accounting.

Almirola is a USF alumna She received her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Master's Certificate in Management, and Master's Degree in Accounting, all from the Muma College of Business.