J. Ellis Blanton

J. Ellis Blanton

Room: CIS 2061
Phone: (813) 974-6757
Fax: (813) 974-6749

J. Ellis Blanton is a professor of management information systems in the Information Systems Decision Sciences Department. He currently teaches managerial-oriented MIS courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has taught in several academic programs including the undergraduate in MIS, MS in MIS, PhD in MIS, MBA, Physicians MBA, and Executive MBA. In addition, he has served on sixteen completed dissertations, nine as supervisor.

Blanton's specialty is managerial issues related to information technology (IT). His research interests include social and organizational impacts of IT and issues concerning IT professionals, such as professional development and competency. He has more than sixty articles and papers concerning these and other topics in publications including Management Information Systems Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Human Resources Management Journal, and the International Journal of Global Management.

Blanton earned a BS (Physics) from Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA (MIS) from The University of Georgia, and a PhD (MIS) from The University of Georgia. Before going to graduate school, he served ten years on active duty with the US Navy.


  • ISM 4300 - Management Information Systems
  • ISM 6021 - Management Information Systems

Recent Research

  • Klaus, Tim and J. Ellis Blanton, "User Resistance Determinants and the Psychological Contract in Enterprise System Implementations," European Journal of Information Systems, 25, (2010) pp. 91-106.
  • Klaus, T., S.C. Wingreen, and J.E. Blanton, "User Groups in Enterprise System Implementations: A Q-Methodology Examination of Resistance and Management Strategy Expectations" Journal of Information Technology, 25, 1, (January – March 2010) pp. 91 – 106.
  • Wingreen, S.C., C. LeRouge, and J.E. Blanton, "Structuring Training for IT Professionals and the Firm: An Application of the Q-Methodology", International Journal of Global Management, 1, 1, (January-March 2009) pp. 53-67.