Arun Tandon

Arun Tandon

Room: BSN 3123
Phone: (813) 974-7378
Fax: (813) 974-3084

Arun Tandon teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in financial policies and strategies, investments, corporate and international finance.

His research interests include the Mexican Stock Market, ADRs, and International Cross-Listing. He is currently examining managerial ownership and compensation and the use of interest-rate derivatives by U.S. banks. He has presented at various conferences including the Finance Management Association and the Southern Finance Association.

Tandon earned a BA from University of Delhi in India, an MBA from Utah State University, and a PhD from Louisiana State University. He previously taught at Louisiana State University and Bentley University. A Chartered Financial Analyst, he has worked as a research associate for the Real Estate Research Institute and the Banking Center at Louisiana State University. Tandon currently serves on the Scholarships & Undergraduate Teaching Awards Committee, and has served as the advisor for the Student Finance Association (SFA).