Ryan Thurman

Ryan Thurman

Room: CIS 2045B

Ryan Thurman is an instructor with the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department, joining the full-time faculty in August 2019. He is a recent doctoral graduate of USF (spring 2019) and has served as the statistical consultant for the Muma College of Business’ Doctor of Business Administration program since 2017.

In 2018, Thurman consulted with various organizations and projects, including some for fellow DBA candidates. He was named USF NSF I-Corp Entrepreneurial Program Fellow in 2016-17 and received the Brumback Award for best paper representation in 2015 at the ASA Florida chapter meeting in Tampa.

He earned a PhD in mathematics with a concentration in statistics, a master’s degree in mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, all from USF.


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  • Faculty adviser, Improv@USF, 2016-17
  • Member, USF Computer Committee, 2015-16
  • President, Statistics Club at USF, 2014-17; vice president, 2013
  • Member, Psi Chi, USF chapter