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Becker CPA Review Program

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The Becker CPA Review program offers an array of study formats designed to fit any lifestyle, work schedule or preferred learning style. No matter which format you choose, live or online, students benefit from the same comprehensive learning tools (video lectures, textbooks, multiple-choice questions, simulations, practice exams, study planner and much more) that have helped over 400,000 candidates pass the CPA Exam. The University of South Florida is affiliated with Becker, and provides their students with special pricing on Becker's CPA Exam Review. View more information about the Becker CPA Review programs.

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Gleim CPA Review Program

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Gleim: Exam Prep Redefined™. Our guided approach is the only one of its kind on the market. As the expert in CPA, CMA, CIA and EA Review, our strong reputation for excellence is founded on both our content, which is written by professional educators, and our proven track record of helping students and accounting professionals succeed for over 40 years. Gleim has a customizable, intuitive study planner that works directly with the Gleim course, and our Gleim Instruct video series (available for CPA and CMA). Our Review Systems can help you pass on your first attempt and start earning up to $34,000 more than your non-certified peers. Visit our website,, for more information and student discounts.

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Roger CPA Review Program

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Roger CPA Review is dedicated to helping students successfully prepare for the CPA Exam with the industry's most Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable eLearning system. With a core belief that the key to success is enjoying what you do, each learning tool has been designed with special care to foster a study process that simultaneously delivers results and enjoyment. The Roger Method™ is a proven teaching approach in which lectures, texts and practice questions are broken down into highly motivating micro-lessons that simplify difficult concepts while keeping students focused. For more information about Roger CPA Review, please visit

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