Student Managed Investment Fund

Spring 2010 Students

Alexander R Bowers
Alex is seeking a major in Finance and Economics with a minor in mathematics. His expected graduation is Fall 2010.Born in San Diego, CA, Alex grew up in St. Petersburg, FL. He is interested in pursuing a career in investments with a particular emphasis in derivates as well as wealth management. He has three year collegiate athlete (soccer) at SMU (Southern Methodist University) and the University of South Florida.

Robin Crauthers
Robin Crauthers will be graduating from USF this May with a Bachelors degree in Finance from the Muma College of Business. She grew up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Since then she has lived in New York, California, Illinois, Oklahoma and now Florida. She is a non-traditional student who returned to school after a ten year career in the durable medical equipment business. She is married and has two children. She will be attending law school in the fall and hopes to focus on investments and securities law. It is her goal to work for the US Government as an attorney. She spends six hours a week volunteering at an elementary school serving as a writing instructor aide and a library assistant. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, writing, and hiking with her family.

Jean Pierre Eugene
JP was born in New York but has lived in Tampa for almost 16 years. He expects to receive his degree in Finance from USF this May and wants to become either a financial analyst or a financial adviser/planner. Because of the environment in which he grew up, he is leaning towards becoming a financial adviser/planner with a focus on people in the middle and lower class brackets where people are in need of financial assistance but have no one to provide them with the guidance needed to get them out of the financial situation they are in. JP is part of a professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, where he was VP of Professional Activities, responsible for setting up professional events, such as seminars and corporate tours. Outside of USF, JP is part of a ministry called Vizyon (Vision in Haitian-Creole), ministering through "lyrical theology".

Jason Grimes
Jason Grimes loves business, technology, education and the arts. He modestly dreams of a career that would weave together those interests. When not studying, he can be found relaxing with his wife, bird watching. In May 2010 he will graduate with a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida.

Ryan Kania
From Brooksville, FL, Ryan is majoring in Economics and Finance. He expects to graduate Fall 2010. He is Vice President and Member of USF Student Finance Association, Volunteer in American Red Cross – USF - Tampa Chapter, and a Member of USF Racquetball Club. Ryan also is Co-Founder and CEO of Advocates for World Health, Inc, and has experience as a USF Honor's College Math Tutor and Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative. He plans to finish a Doctorate's degree in Economics and then hopes to serve as an Economist doing consultation and research for the United States Federal Government. Five to seven years after graduating, he wants to be recognized as one of the leading Economists in his field.

Luis Tapia
Born in the Dominican Republic. Luis moved to Tampa in 2003, doing his last year of high school at Gaither. He entered USF in 2005 as a finance major. Luis' first exposure to the stock market was in Gaither High School managing a fictitious fund. At 18, he opened his first brokerage with $2000 and lost most of it. After that he spend several years studying. He currently manages about $30,000 dollars as well as $6,000 in a forex account. His ultimate goal is to open his own investment company. Luis owns a mobile window tint business, having contracts with various businesses, and consistently delivers "good result thanks to service, quality, and price". After he graduates, he plans sit for the CFA exam, as well as getting his insurance license, real estate license, series 7 and 63 licenses and later start to work on his masters.

Jeff Young
From Winter Haven, Florida, Jeff comes to USF as a senior transfer student studying finance and graduates in July of 2010. Prior to joining USF, Jeff worked for The Ritz-Carlton and Abercrombie and Fitch. In 2009, he received his real estate sales associate license. Jeff's favorite part of the Applied Securities class is judging the macroeconomic effects on a company's strategy. In October of 2008, Jeff had the opportunity to work with V2R Corporation in Longwood, Florida, a private equity startup, as a financial analyst intern. While an intern, he assisted where possible in the company's attempt at private placement on London's AIM Exchange. Post graduation, Jeff will pursue the CFA designation in hopes of working as a portfolio manager. Outside of class, Jeff trades for fun in the natural gas and oil markets using a simulated account. His favorite books include Benoit Mandelbrot's The (mis)Behavior of Markets and Dan Reingold's Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst. In his spare time, Jeff is an avid cook and lover of wine and cheese. His favorite place in the world is Paris where he traveled twice before and lived with a French family.