Student Managed Investment Fund

Fall 2014 Students

Giovanni Burbano

Giovanni Burbano - LinkedIn
Giovanni Burbano is a senior majoring in finance with a minor in economics. Burbano is a member of the Student Finance Association and is working on a leadership certification through the Certified Student Leadership program. Burbano is a first-generation college student with a passion for security analysis who is pursuing the CFA designation. Burbano grew up in Cali, Colombia, and speaks both English and Spanish.

Haomin Chen

Haomin Chen - LinkedIn
Haomin Chen is a finance major at the USF. She is also pursuing a minor in accounting. A native of Yantai, China, Chen speaks three languages fluently – Chinese, English, and German. She is also learning French and Spanish. Before coming to the United States two years ago for college, Chen spent a year in Germany studying the German language and literature. Chen was a pianist in the University Orchestra at Beijing International Studies University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in German language and literature.

Jonnathan De Jesus

Jonnathan De Jesus - LinkedIn
Jonnathan De Jesus is a senior majoring in finance with a minor in entrepreneurship. A native of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, he is fluent in English and Spanish. De Jesus, who plays the French horn, enjoys learning how to play a variety of brass instruments. De Jesus placed second in the Investors and Traders Society's 2013 competition. He aspires to work as a portfolio manager and eventually would like start his own fund.

Daniel Dorman

Daniel Dorman - LinkedIn
A native of Denver, Colo., Daniel Dorman spent most of his childhood in Bradenton, Fla. Now a resident of St. Petersburg, Dorman is a senior at USF majoring in finance and management. Dorman is passionate about equity investment and has maintained a paper portfolio for more than two years. Prior to entering the Applied Securities Analysis program, Dorman spent a year as a department manager for Barnes & Noble College, the book retailer's collegiate division.

Matt Errico

Matt Errico - LinkedIn
Matt Errico moved to Tampa from New Jersey to pursue a finance degree at USF because he wanted to study at a large metropolitan university. He earned an associate degree in business administration from Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg, N.J., before transferring to USF. While pursuing that degree, Errico worked full-time as a construction supervisor at Hilpert Construction, a family-owned firm specializing in luxury remodels. He helped rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Julio Escalona

Julio Escalona - LinkedIn
Julio Escalona is a finance major who is in his senior year at USF. Escalona is a native of Cuba, and lived there until his late 20s. Escalona lived in Spain for one year before relocating to the Tampa Bay area. Even though there are not financial markets in Cuba, Escalona has always been fascinated with the world of investments. Now a United States citizen and the first person in his family to attend college, Escalona will graduate in 2015. He plans to continue his education by pursuing a master's degree and CFA certification. He hopes his educational pursuits might inspire his young daughter.

Gerardo Lopez

Gerardo Lopez - LinkedIn
Gerardo Lopez is a finance major from Tampa. Lopez works as a cooperative education forecasting analyst for Seminole Electric Cooperative, a regional electric utility. He is passionate about financial markets and aspires to be an analyst in the industry. He has experience in quantitative modeling and SAS (statistical analysis systems) programming. He is also fluent in Spanish and plays the piano.

Aaron Mederos

Aaron Mederos - LinkedIn
Aaron Mederos' interest in financial markets developed early in life after observing the success of his grandfather and uncle in the stock and futures market. Mederos started investing in commodities in high school after his interest was reignited by the subprime crisis. He is a finance major and expects to graduate in May 2015.

Miguel Munoz

Miguel Munoz - LinkedIn
Miguel Munoz is a senior pursuing a dual major in accounting and finance. He is a first-generation student who is an active participant in USF's Corporate Mentor Program. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Munoz speaks three languages—Spanish, French, and Portuguese. He became passionate about the public market after competing in — and consistently winning —online fantasy stock portfolio tournaments. CNN Money published a feature article on him after he won two consecutive signature tournaments. Munoz aspires to work in equity research.

Jason Reyes

Jason Reyes - LinkedIn
Originally from Jacksonville, Fla., Jason Reyes is a senior at USF. He is pursuing a bachelor's degree in finance. Reyes served as an intern for two years at Scottrade. He is the president of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity and aspires to work as an equity research analyst after graduation in May 2015.

Bianca Rodriguez

Bianca Rodriguez
Bianca Rodriguez is passionate about the global financial markets. This passion led her to pursue a degree in finance. As a full-time student with a full-time job, Rodriguez has maintained a 4.0 GPA in her major while managing a dental practice that brings in more than $1 million each year. When Rodriguez isn't analyzing the markets, she enjoys watching sports and traveling. As a native New Yorker, she aspires to earn the CFA designation and pursue a career in equity research for a firm on Wall Street.