Student Managed Investment Fund

Fall 2015 Students

Austin Boyle

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Austin Boyle learned the importance of hard work, teamwork and leadership as a member of Delta Chi and as a player on the USF's Men's Lacrosse team. Majoring in finance with a minor in leadership, Boyle has studied abroad and has traveled to nearly a dozen countries on three continents. On one of these trips, he ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain! Boyle served as an intern at Ameriprise Financial where he got his first taste of the finance industry. The Honors College student expects to graduate in 2016.

Hailey Davis

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Finance major Hailey Davis is the first person in her family to attend college. After graduating high school a year early, she developed a passion for the financial markets. Davis learned the value of hard work after working in her family's organic peach orchard and serving as an intern for JPMorgan Chase and Ballast Point Ventures. She aspires to work as an equity research analyst in Tampa.

Isabella Duarte

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Isabella Duarte's road to USF traversed three continents. A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Duarte learned English when she studied abroad solo in New Zealand as a 16 year old. Later, she came to America to study finance because of its well-developed financial markets. She has held three internships: one in Brazil at an import company and two in Tampa at AXA Advisors and InvestAmerica Capital Advisors. She speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish, skills which she hopes will help her land a career as an international investment manager.

Rick Eldee

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Rick Eldee came to USF as a biology major because his family expected him to pursue a career in medicine, much like the rest of his family. Strong willed, Eldee changed his major to finance two years later and hopes to learn more about portfolio management and career opportunities in the industry. His hobbies include football and fishing.

Bradley Gordon, Jr.

Bradley Gordon, Jr. - LinkedIn Profile -
Bradley Gordon, Jr. has always been interested in studying business, and after watching the market crash in 2008, he decided to study finance in order to learn more about opportunities in the market. While studying at USF, he was the lead mechanic in North America for a cycling corporation, and is now interning as an analyst in the risk division of FIS Global. He is the marketing chair on the executive board of the Student Finance Association. He will graduate from the finance program in 2016.

Santiago Iguaran

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A native of Bogotá, Colombia Santiago Iguaran, is fluent in both English and Spanish. He came to the United States six years ago to pursue opportunities that were not available to him in his country. He has clearly succeeded, as he has earned a 3.97 GPA, he is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma honor society and was selected for USF's 25 Under 25 program in his junior year. Additionally, Iguaran has received different scholarships and funded his own education. He plans to pursue a master's degree in economics and open his real estate company.

Gino Jo

Gino Jo - LinkedIn Profile -
Finance major Gino Jo studied abroad at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom in 2014, where he concentrated on economics and participated in the university's Student Managed Equity Fund through its Business & Finance Society. The first person in his family to pursue a college degree, Jo is also studying economics as a minor and is the vice president of the Student Finance Association. He is a healthcare mergers and acquisitions analyst at Crosstree Capital Partners. He previously interned with JPMorgan Chase in Tampa. A native of Peru, Jo is bilingual and during his free time enjoys traveling and digital photography.

Dylan Kesterson

Dylan Kesterson - LinkedIn Profile -
Dylan Kesterson has several years of experience in retail and door-to-door sales, but an interest in real estate investing ignited his passion for learning about the financial markets and the operations of business. Kesterson loves the idea of competing with a team, and in his free time he is most likely watching sports. Kesterson is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and he aspires to become an investment portfolio manager. He plans to earn an MBA and the CFA designation after gaining experience in the finance arena.

Zoe Knapke

Zoe Knapke - LinkedIn Profile -
Honors College student Zoe Knapke will graduate in 2016 with a finance degree. Her passion for financial analysis led her to pursue an internship at Jabil Circuit where she assisted the financial planning and analysis team. Knapke is actively involved on campus, serving as an officer of the Student Finance Association, Alpha Delta Pi, and the Chinese Culture Festival Club. Her engagement has not come at the expense of academics: she has maintained a 3.9 GPA. When she is not following the markets, Knapke enjoys working as a marketing team member with Red Bull and playing tennis.

Brandon Moore

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Brandon Moore developed his passion for understanding the global economy during the Great Recession. Ethics and asset protection fueled his interest and led him to pursue a career in investment valuation. Few students can consider their mother a classmate, but Moore started his college career taking classes with his mother while she finished her associate degree at Hillsborough Community College. After graduating in 2016 with a degree in finance and a minor in economics, Moore will take the CFA exam.

Bridget Parsells

Bridget Parsells - LinkedIn Profile -
Bridget Parsells is a self-motivated student originally from the New York City metropolitan area. The first person in her family to pursue a college degree, Parsells moved to Tampa on her own to study finance at USF. She values her education, independence, and ability to support herself through working while in school. Parsells aims to manage investments for a financial firm in Manhattan. She also aspires to open her own public art gallery.

Heriberto Ramos

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A junior majoring in finance, Heriberto Ramos developed his interest in financial markets due to his admiration of his father, who is part of an investment company in Mexico. Born in Torreon, Mexico, Ramos came to the United States in 2010, moving to Jacksonville to prepare himself for an American collegiate experience. At USF, Ramos has been involved in Enactus as project leader for Suit-A-Bull, a suit-lending program for students of all majors. Ramos plans to work in equity research and, later, he aims to open his own investment company.

Brandon Reagan

Brandon Reagan - LinkedIn Profile -
Before coming to USF, Brandon Reagan played as a goaltender in the North American Hockey League for the Topeka Roadrunners. Though he was offered opportunities to play hockey on a collegiate team, Reagan opted to pursue his education at USF. A native of Essex, Vt., he grew up watching the success of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which sparked an interest in financial markets as a career path. Reagan has developed his finance skills by serving as a chair of the Student Finance Association at USF and serving as an intern at Ballast Point Ventures this year. These experiences have helped shape his work ethic, camaraderie, and ability to work under pressure.