Certification Exam Support

With the goal of helping our students in their efforts to acquire professionally marketable knowledge and skills, the department has developed a certification exam support program that refunds the costs of relevant certification exams for students in the department's degree programs. This fund is made possible by the generous support of our local industry partners. Exam support is on a first-come-first-serve basis while funds last. Availability of funds may be inquired from the department front office.

To ensure that the limited available funds are used judiciously, the award requires that all the following conditions be met. Students are often very creative in making the case for support (and rightly so!), therefore the department reserves the right to update these conditions retro-actively as new information becomes available. If in doubt, please confirm with your program's academic director before taking the certification exam.

Certificate Reimbursement Form

Currently, the following certificates are covered by the certification exam support program.

Thanks to generous support from:

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