Faculty & Staff

Due to COVID-19 situation all faculty-members and staffs are working from home. Email is the best way to contact individual faculty members. If you do not get response within 24 hours (excluding the weekend) to your email to any faculty-member or the staff, please forward the email to the Chair of the department Prof. Kaushik Dutta

Only the following phone numbers have been forwarded to outside USF numbers. 

Sadie Stetson (ISDS Office Staff) -  813-974-5524,  Email - 

Carrie Fisher (ISDS Office Manager) - 813-974-1714, Email -

Anna Bavala (ISDS Student Success Specialist) - 813-974-8284, Email -

Contact following faculty members for respective programs 

BS Management - Tony Kong

BS Business Analytics and Information Systems - Clinton Daniel

MS Management - Triparna de Vreede

MS Business Analytics and Information Systems - Joni Jones or, Barb Warner

Weekend Executive MS Business Analytics and Information Systems -  Tom Stablein or Ron Satterfield

For BS BAIS and BS Management admission questions, please contact Shaun Gonzalez 


 Adjunct Faculty

  • Privin Alexander
  • Peter Berardi
  • W. Jeff Carnes
  • Ashok Das
  • Denis Edwards
  • Patti Gander
  • Janet Goldberg-McEnery
  • James McCart
  • Stephen Sebesta
  • Dennis Walpole
  • Manish Mohan
  • Mike Travis  



Carrie Fischer

Carrie Fischer
Office Manager

Carrie handles all financial & administrative functions in the department. She started at USF in 1993 and has been in her current role since 2015. Carrie enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and anything related to sports.


Anna Bahvala

Anna Bahvala
Student Success Champion

Anna has been with the department for over 3 years supporting student success activities and employer relations initiatives. Before joining USF, she worked for the University of Akron, Akron, OH as Assistant Director for student employment and UW-Madison, Madison, WI as an advisor.
Anna loves traveling.


Sadie Stetson

Sadie Stetson
Coordinator, Faculty Operations and Branding

Sadie is involved in the department branding and faculty operations support. She came to USF in 2017 from a background in brand identity and experiential design. Sadie graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design with a degree in the Business of Art & Design.