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Many students indicate that Internship was the most valuable course they took in college. This course is the best way to gain relevant job experience while earning college credit. Research shows a 18%-20% salary advantage for students who complete internships.

This course provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable industry experience and apply their knowledge of business practices. The course consists of two facets. Part One (650 points) is an academic component, which includes workshops and quizzes to develop professional business skills. Part Two (600 points) is a minimum of 100 hours of on-site apprenticeship/internship work experience and the creation of an internship plan to document and measure the experience. Students will be representing USF in the community. Therefore, while in the field, all university rules will apply in addition to the specific internship policy guidelines.

The semester begins with workshops designed to make students stronger applicants. Resumes will be critiqued and interviewing skills that will help you to market yourself more effectively are discussed. Each student in the course is provided access to our database of intern sponsors. It is the student's responsibility to send their resume to companies that they are interested in pursuing. Once hired, each student works with the sponsor to create five objectives for completion during the semester. The objectives set the focus of the internship and reflect the academic rigor necessary for course credit.

This course is offered to all business students. A permit is required to register.

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