Supply Chain Management


James Stock is Distinguished University Professor and Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing. An internationally-recognized expert in supply chain management, logistics, and reverse logistics/product returns, Stock has authored 150+ publications and several books, including Strategic Logistics Management, Fundamentals of Logistics Management, Development and Implementation of Reverse Logistics Programs, and Reverse Logistics. Stock earned BS and MBA degrees from University of Miami (Florida) and a PhD from The Ohio State University.

Donna Davis

Donna Davis is an associate professor of marketing who conducts research on supply chain sustainability and brand management in supply chains. Her most recent publications examine cross-border logistics at the U.S./Canadian border. Davis' work is published in several supply chain management and marketing journals, and she is senior associate editor of the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. Davis earned a Bachelor of Arts from Maryville College and MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Tennessee.

Richard Plank

Richard Plank is a professor of marketing who focuses his research on the buyer/seller interaction in business markets. Plank's work has been in numerous scholarly publications, and he coauthored the book, Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research. His work has been cited more than 1,400 times in peer-reviewed journals. Plank earned a Bachelor of Science from Saint Peter's College, an MBA from Seton Hall University, and a PhD from City University of New York.

Robert Hooker

Robert Hooker, is an assistant professor of marketing.  He examines the use of technology and innovation in marketing and supply chain management in his research. Selected work on sustainability and open innovation has been published in journals including the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management and MIS Quarterly Executive. Hooker earned BS, MBA and PhD degrees from Florida State University.

Jeannette Mena

Jeannette Mena is an assistant professor of marketing who conducts research on marketing strategy, international marketing, and supply chain management. Her research has been published in several publications, including the Academy of Management Journal and Journal of International Business Studies. Mena earned a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA from the University of Puerto Rico, a master's degree from Florida International University, and a PhD degree from Michigan State University.

Kerry Walsh

Kerry Walsh is an instructor of marketing.  She has a long career in supply chain management. Walsh works with large European and Asian firms setting up their sourcing and logistics processes for their emerging US-based companies. Additionally, Walsh has started several private label import programs for major US office product superstores. Walsh earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Science from the University of South Florida.