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DBA Programs vs. PhD Programs

DBA vs. PhD DBA vs. PhD Video (10 min.)

Paper on Business Professional Doctorates

Typically, business PhD programs are focused on students who seek to become full time (tenure earning) academics. The best of these programs are full-time, take four or five years, and are focused on building the research skills necessary for publication in journals. DBA and other executive doctoral programs are generally designed for working professionals, take about three years to complete and are designed to help working professionals acquire research skills that can be applied directly to business.

Similarities to our PhD program

The USF Doctor of Business Administration was designed as a variation on our existing academic PhD program. As such, it builds upon the common core of these programs, including:

Differences from our PhD program

To meet the needs of students, all practicing executives, the USF Doctor of Business Administration program also differs from  existing academic PhD programs in some important ways: