Accountancy Concentration


All students will take at least five (5) courses at the 6000 or 7000 graduate level in an area designated as the student's concentration. Students are encouraged to identify courses in the concentration field that will provide experience in applying current research techniques to problems in that field. To accomplish this, the student may propose a combination of formal classroom courses and independent directed-research courses. This combination may include a year-long research seminar in which the groundwork is laid for the student's dissertation. The specific agenda of courses will be determined by the student's program committee. Courses taken as part of the Foundation or Core sections may not be counted as part of the hours required for a concentration field.

The Accounting concentration emphasizes:

  • The mastery of one or more specialized areas of accounting, such as accounting information systems, auditing, or financial accounting
  • The development of requisite skills to engage in respected applied, practical and scholarly research
  • The development of effective teaching skills

Accounting Concentration - 15 hours

  • ACG 7156 Seminar in Financial Accounting
  • ACG 7646 Seminar in Auditing
  • ACG 7356 Seminar in Management Accounting
  • ACG 7415 Seminar in Accounting Information Systems
  • ACG 7936 Seminar on Special Topics in Accounting