PhD in Business

Core Coursework

The core courses are designed to provide a strong background in economics and to develop the student's writing, quantitative and statistical research skills. These courses are required of all students in the program. The college will waive a course only if the student has passed the same or equivalent course with a grade of "B" or better within the preceding five years.

The economics requirement can be met by completing two graduate level economics courses that have been approved by the student's program committee.

Students are required to take a one credit-hour research skills course, QMB 7557, Research and Writing Skills for Doctoral Students, in the first semester of the program. Following this introductory course, the quantitative and statistical coursework is to be determined by the student's program committee in consultation with the student. A three course series is required. An appropriate sequence should be chosen from the following:

Any substitution of other appropriate mathematics, statistical and quantitative courses must be approved by the College Doctoral Program Committee, preferably at the time of acceptance into the program, or definitely before taking a substitute course.

In addition, students are required to take an additional research elective approved by their program committee. 

Should a student earn a "C" or lower in one of the core courses, the case will be brought before the college doctoral program committee for review. After reviewing the case, the Committee will take one of the following steps: 

1.     Require the student to pass an examination that covers the material relevant to the subject. A student who fails the exam on the first attempt may retake it within one year. A student who fails the exam on the second attempt will be subject to dismissal.

2.     Require the student to retake the course. If a student retakes the course and fails to receive a grade of "B" or better, the student is subject to dismissal.