Finance Doctoral Program


Students pursuing a PhD in finance must meet the requirements outlined in the Handbook for Doctoral Students provided by the USF Muma College of Business and the USF Graduate Catalog.

The curriculum students take in the finance program includes a series of three econometrics courses, additional classes in statistics, three or four upper-level economics courses, and six seminars in finance. To complete these requirements as well as the requirements for the foundation courses required of all PhD students generally takes two full years (three semesters each year) for students with masters degrees, and as much as three full years for students without masters degrees (primarily because these students need additional graduate hours).

Once the course work is completed, students are required to pass a qualifying exam constructed by the Department of Finance doctoral faculty. Upon successful completion of the qualifying exam, students write a dissertation that contains original contributions to the field of finance. The dissertation process generally takes about two years to complete. Throughout the doctoral program, students gain competency in teaching by participating in programs designed by the USF Center for Teaching Enhancement, and by teaching undergraduate courses in the department (generally toward the end of the degree process).