Marketing Doctoral Program

Faculty List

Faculty are committed to maximizing placement opportunities for PhD graduates. This involves connecting students with professional and academic networks through faculty and student attendance at national and regional doctoral consortia and early identification of employers appropriate to a student's professional and personal goals. Over the past decade, our graduates have been successful in obtaining excellent academic placements.

The PhD program faculty within the USF Department of Marketing provide students with guidance in a broad range of topical areas. The following breakdown provides an idea of expertise and interests:


Kumar, Biswas, Heath

Buyer Behavior

Kumar, Lafferty, Varki, Biswas, Heath

Channels, Logistics, Retailing

Stock, Mena, Hooker, Plank, Davis

Marketing Theory/History




Quantitative Methods and Modeling

Ortinau, Varki

Sales Management


Services & Customer Satisfaction

Kumar, Ortinau, Stock, Varki


Stock, Mena, Varki, Paul Solomon