PhD in Business Administration

Why USF?

Tampa Bay Area

Tampa Bay is a flourishing metropolitan area. Approximately one in four business and information services firms in Florida have a Tampa Bay presence. This uniquely positions the University of South Florida Muma College of Business in an area ripe for business engagement.

As the urban heart of Florida's gulf coast, there is no lack of recreation and cultural attractions including sports venues, performance halls, museums, theaters, zoos and wildlife venues, amusement parks, shopping locations and restaurants.

Being centrally located in the sunshine state, Tampa is sunny virtually year round. The exception to that would be our regular, short-lived afternoon showers during the summer months (June to September). The average annual high temperature is 81 degrees and the average annual low temperature is 65 degrees.

Campus Life

There's a unique and unmistakable energy that characterizes student life at USF. Just by walking onto campus, our current and prospective students get that at-home community feel. The campus is bursting with opportunities to get involved, meet new friends, discover your passions and make a difference.

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College Resources

The Lasher Center for Financial Markets is an 1,100 square foot space equipped with a Bloomberg terminal, a stock ticker, white boards, and more to help students analyze real-time financial market data. Doctoral students in particular will find the resources useful in their research on stocks, bonds, and investments.

The Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management & Sustainability employs internationally recognized faculty who teach supply chain management, reverse logistics, and sustainability issues to students and corporate clients. The research is oriented toward creative solutions to real world supply chain issues. The curriculum and training is meant to increase the number of supply chain management and logistics professionals.

The ISDS Practice Center allows students to gain experience in real world projects sponsored by industry partners. These projects are supervised by at least one faculty mentor and at least one representative of the project's industry sponsor. Students gain valuable experience and mentorship from both the faculty and industry mentors. As a result, they become more competitive in the job market. The faculty benefit by applying their knowledge to real world problems, which helps them maintain currency in their field. In addition, they are not only able to bring industry problems and their technology solutions into the classroom but they also can integrate these issues into their research. The industry partners benefit by having access to top students who can create solutions to their issues and can tap into the expertise of the ISDS faculty.

The Accounting Advisory Council channels communications among the faculty of the School of Accountancy and the professional community that the school serves. Members of the Advisory Council have extensive knowledge and experience in the accounting profession and a strong interest in supporting and promoting the USF Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy and its PhD program.

The Center for Analytics and Creativity represents the core of the college's distinct identity. It fosters a climate of innovation and analytics throughout the school's administration, classrooms, and research. This includes promoting cutting-edge research to address business and organizational challenges, including research on analytics and creativity.