Master of Science in Finance


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Foundation Courses

Foundation courses can be waived for students who have completed equivalent courses in either an undergraduate program or a graduate program that is AACSB accredited. A course will be waived only if it has been completed with a grade of A or B within five years of entering the MSF program. If students are not waived from these courses, the foundation courses should be completed at the beginning of the MSF prior to the core curriculum.

MSF Curriculum (credit hours are noted in parentheses)

Core Finance (15 credits)

Core finance courses may be waived for students who graduated with finance majors from AACSB accredited programs within five years of entering the MSF program. Only courses with the same content as the core finance courses can be used to satisfy the MSF course requirements, and students must have earned grades of A or B to have such courses waived. Advanced finance elective courses with the same total credit hours must be substituted for waived courses.

Advanced Finance Electives (15 credits)

Students can select any of the graduate courses offered by the Finance Department or approved graduate courses offered in the Economics Department. Students make satisfy up to 6 credit hours from other business departments with prior approval. Examples of finance and economics courses are listed below.

Total program (30 hours)

To be granted an MSF degree, a student must have completed all of the required courses with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.