Master of Science in Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions


Are standardized test scores (GRE or GMAT) necessary to be considered for admission to the MS in Marketing program?

Applicants can get a waiver from submitting GRE/GMAT test scores based on their work experience (3 years or more of relevant experience) or their undergraduate GPA (3.5 or higher). The MS Marketing uses a portfolio admissions process and test scores are only one of several inputs considered while making admission decisions. You can find more information on those at this link.

Can I enter the MS in Marketing program without an undergraduate degree in business?

Yes, students from all undergraduate majors can be considered for admission. In fact, students from other liberal arts majors such as communications, psychology, or economics, etc. can transition into a marketing and business career with an MS in Marketing degree. If a student does not have an undergraduate statistics and marketing management course with a grade of B or better, they will have to complete a foundation course in their first semester.

What are the MS in Marketing admission requirements?

Please refer to this link for admission requirements.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Please refer to this link for contact information.

Is there an application deadline?

Please refer to this link for more information on application deadlines.

Are there any marketing classes or application requirements that can be waived?

The program offers two options for GMAT/GRE test waivers. Students who have completed a marketing management and statistics course with a grade of B or above within the last 5 years can be considered for a foundation course waiver. The minimum number of credits needed to receive the degree is 30.

Can I send my application information to the department for an evaluation before I apply?

The academic services administrator and academic director of the program welcome queries but cannot review application materials and 'pre-admit' students to the program before the complete application is submitted and reviewed by the admissions committee.

How does the application process work?

Applications are submitted to the USF Office of Admissions and are sent to the department for evaluation when the required documents have been attached to the online application. It is ideal to submit your application after you have gathered all the required documents. Once the application is complete and the application fee paid, it is evaluated by the Muma College of Business and then by the Office of Admissions.

What code do I use to send test scores to USF?

The institution code for USF is 5828 and applies to all tests administered by ETS (GRE and TOEFL). For the GMAT, the school/program code is VP9-M4-86.

Are there any special application instructions?

All documents must be in a pdf format and you should attach them to the online application (do not send any hard copy documents). Once an admissions decision is made, the USF Office of Graduate Studies will contact applicants for any required hard copies.

How can I check my application status?

Applicants may review admissions status online. Note that if the status reads that an application has been 'referred' to the department, this just means it has left the Office of Admissions. It is reviewed by several other departments before a final admission decision is made.

I have questions about the online application, who should I contact?

Below are some common application questions. If you have other queries concerning the online application and required documents, they can be directed to Graduate Studies Academic Program Specialist Le’Shelle Davis at:

  • What should I do if my GPA is not scored out of 4.0 points? Just estimate the GPA; staff evaluate transcripts for grades.
  • My credits are calculated differently, as I am an international student - what should I enter? Just estimate!
  • The application asks about a certification, do I need this? This refers to College of Education graduate students only. This program does not require a certification.
  • The Office of Graduate Admissions website mentions sending hard copies. Should I do this? Again, please attach all required documents to the online application as a PDF. Do not send any hard copies until an admission decision has been made.

Can I defer my admission if necessary?

Applicants may request a deferment of up to one year by contacting Academic Services Administrator Stacee Bender at

I just got admitted. What do I do next?

The program will provide registration instructions once admission has been finalized. In the meantime, applicants should complete any other requirements that are outstanding with the university such as immunizations, immigration, etc.


How many credits is the MS in Marketing program?

The MS in Marketing program is 30-34 credits depending on whether the student is required to take foundation courses in statistics and marketing management. A typical course in the MS in Marketing program is 3 credit hours.

Why should I pursue a MS in Marketing degree instead of an MBA degree?

The MS in Marketing is a specialized master’s degree while the MBA is a more generalist degree. The MS in Marketing is well suited for a) early career marketing executives with an interest in getting more in-depth knowledge of different areas of marketing, (b) recent graduates working in other areas looking to transition to marketing, and (c) those who are completing their undergraduate degree in marketing, psychology, communications, advertising, economics and other related disciplines.

Are there different concentrations or areas of specialization in the MS in Marketing program?

The MS in Marketing program does not have concentrations. However, we do offer the opportunity to focus your electives in either Marketing Analytics or Digital and Brand Management. Students can use their 9 credits of marketing electives to earn an individualized area of emphasis in one of those two areas.

What professors teach in the MS in Marketing program?

Please refer to this list of current marketing department faculty.

How many electives can I choose from in my program?

The program includes 9 credits (or 3 courses) of marketing electives and 6 credits (or 2 courses) of business electives. Business electives can be chosen from other business disciplines such as management, entrepreneurship, general business, information systems, etc. Students must meet any course specific prerequisites needed for the business electives. As such, finance and accounting electives are not often used.

Is the MS in Marketing program offered an all three USF campuses?

Students can take classes from any of the three campuses that are applicable to the degree. The majority of the courses for this program are taught by faculty from the Tampa campus.

Are there different class delivery options available due to COVID-19?

We are currently offering courses both in person, with reduced COVID social distancing capacities in the classroom, and online. Some courses are synchronous, which means students are participating live online with the in-person section on campus on their designated day and time. Other courses are delivered asynchronous which means that students do not have to log in at a certain day/time. Please note that our traditional delivery of this program is in person and the university hopes to return to this as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

How long does it take to complete the MS in Marketing program?

The length of time it takes to complete the program depends on a couple of variables. The first is whether the student is required to take the foundation courses. The second is how many courses the student takes each term. In general, the fastest a student could complete the program is one calendar year (all three terms- Fall, Spring, Summer). Students have up to 5 years to complete once they start. Most students who work full-time take courses on a part-time basis, two a semester.

Does the MS in Marketing program offer career development or placement services?

Students are able to avail themselves of three different career service delivery options. The first is the Mentorship Program specific to graduate students in the Muma College. The second is the Office of Employer Relations which serves both undergraduate and graduate students in the Muma College. The third is the university Career Services office which has a Muma College career consultant. Please learn more here or contact Doug Meyn at

Do I have to commit to be a full-time or part-time MS in Marketing student?

Students can choose to be full-time or part-time based on their individual schedules. The minimum credits to be considered full-time in graduate school is 9 credits. Note that international students have to maintain full-time status for their student visa. Also, some forms of financial aid require a minimum enrollment. Please refer to the Financial Aid office or the Office of Veteran Success for more information, if applicable.

Learn more about the Financial Aid office here or visit here to learn more about the Office of Veteran Success.


What is the estimated cost of attendance/pricing per credit?

The 20/21 tuition rates are as follows: $467.34 per credit hour for Florida residents and $913.08 per credits hour for non-FL residents.

Are there graduate assistantships available in this program?

Graduate assistantships in the Muma College of Business are limited in number and competitive in nature. Each school within the college handles the hiring process for any openings they may have. Keep in mind that positions do not come open at a particular time, you will need to keep an eye out on the Careers@USF website for openings. You may apply to a position after you have been admitted into a degree program. The position must directly relate to your academic program. As far as the compensation package for an assistantship goes, they are paid an hourly wage and receive a health insurance subsidy from the university. At this time, master’s level assistants in the Muma College do not qualify for a tuition waiver. As such, you will need to be prepared to pay the full cost of attendance.

Are there scholarships available in this program?

A limited number of scholarships are available to graduate business students. The application for these scholarships will be distributed to admitted and current students. Please note that the amounts of these scholarships typically range from $1000 to $3000. As such, we cannot provide full funding to admits.

How do I apply for other forms of financial aid like loans?

A step-by-step guide for financial aid for graduate students and other information about financial aid can be found on USF's University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services website.

How do I apply for other forms of financial aid like loans?

A step-by-step guide for financial aid for graduate students and other information about financial aid can be found on USF's University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services website.

International Students

Does USF offer a pathway for interested applicants who may not meet English proficiency requirements?

Applicants who do not meet the university English proficiency requirements may want to consider the INTO graduate pathway for marketing. This program allows students with TOEFL scores of 65+ or IELTS scores of 5.5+ to begin earning credits towards the MS degree while improving their English proficiency level. For more information on this opportunity, please reference the INTO Marketing Pathway website.

Where can I find information about required TOEFL / IELTS scores?

Please visit this link to learn more about required test scores.

I'm an international student, where can I get help on the documents needed to attend USF?

Information for International Students can be found at the Admissions Information for International Students website and the International Services website. Visit this link to learn more.

I have never traveled abroad before. What resources are available to make my initial arrival comfortable when I reach USF?

Many student organizations on campus do their best to make arrival and early days as pleasant as possible. Examples include the USF Friends of Internationals Ministry, a faith-based organization.

Can I get practical training while in the program?

Co-Curricular Practical Training has very specific requirements. International students enrolled in the MS in Marketing program can participate in a co-op through the career services office to get CPT (co-curricular practical training) approval, which is required for them to work off-campus.

More information can be found at this link.