Management Information Systems

In this area of study students receive in-depth knowledge concerning modern information technologies. Students are required to take any three of the following courses:

  • ISM 6123 Systems Analysis and Design
  • ISM 6124 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (for students with prior systems analysis and design experience)
  • ISM 6155 Enterprise Information Systems Management
  • ISM 6217 Database Administration
  • ISM 6218 Advanced Database Administration (for students with prior database design experience)
  • ISM 6136 Data Mining
  • ISM 6156 Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Process Management
  • ISM 6328 Information Security & Risk Management
  • ISM 6316 Project Management
  • ISM 6930 Decision Processes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Other elective as approved by MBA Advisor