Online Global Master of Science - Business Analytics & Information Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

There are 6 prerequisites. Your transcript and work experience will be evaluated to see which, if any, of them you have to complete.  

Upon completion of the course, will I get the same Masters degree that US students get?

Yes, you will receive the same Master of Science degree. There will be no mention of the online designation.

In case I am not able to attend a live class/session, will there be a recording to view at later time?

Yes, all live classes are recorded.

What is the grading structure/pattern for the courses? 

A+ 4.00 98-100%


4.00 92-97


3.67 90-91
B+ 3.33 88-89
B 3.00 82-87
B- 2.67 80-81
C+ 2.33 78-79
C 2.00 72-77
C- 1.67 70-71
D+ 1.33 68-69
D 1.00 62-67
D- 0.67 60-61
F 0.00 >60%

The exam and grading are individually administered by the faculty member teaching a specific course. In USA system the grading is continuous. It is heavily dependent on assignments, homework, class work, class participation, group project work, quiz and sometimes final exam.

Are GRE/TOEFL waivers available?

There are waivers available for the GRE and TOEFL scores. Detail the relevant work experience you have. A certificate from your institute (registrar/dean) certifying that your degree was fully in English and all exams were conducted in English will enable us to waive the TOEFL.

What courses are offered?

Due to the cohort nature of the program and the material value we place on the cohort experience, USF faculty along with our Industry Advisory Board selected the electives most desired in the business world and all students take the same courses together for the entire program.

Do we get course material that is prepared by the faculty or do we need to buy books?

The tuition covers all material, including software. Faculty do not use any textbook because the courses are based on the faculty’s own expertise and experience. You will need a laptop or computer to attend the class and complete the homework. An i5 processor laptop or desktop with minimum 8GB RAM, microphone, sound and camera is needed.

Will tutors be available on video calls for any questions after class or provide assistance during project work?

Faculty are happy to stay in the video conference after class to address any gaps in understanding. Faculty have weekly virtual office hours where you can meet with faculty on one to one basis to get any questions answered. If required faculty may also ask a teaching assistant to help you. Your success is important to us and that is the sole focus.

After my first semester, if I need to focus on my work, is there an option to defer my admission or can I exit the program with refund?

Courses are paid for on a semester by semester basis. For example, in summer semester (May-July) you will have 3 courses (3x3 = 9 credits) + a 2-credit independent study. So you need to pay the tuition fee for these 11 credits ( $5775) by the first week of May. If you withdraw in the middle of summer, there is no refund for these courses. However, after completing summer and successfully passing all courses, if you decide you cannot continue you may defer your program. You may come back in the next fall semester and resume the program. The credit you earn by completing the course work for a semester stays with you on permanent basis.

When will I know my admission confirmation? 

We will let you know informally whether you are being admitted or not. We will not ask you to submit the application unless we are confident that you can be admitted. The admission process includes discussion with the academic director, Tom Stablein. The formal university admission letter may take some time because it goes through multiple steps. Once you are admitted you are a regular student like any of our students at the Tampa campus. You will have access to the digital library, USF infrastructure (such as Teams and, and software free of cost.