Muma Insights

Volume II: Creativity

Volume II of Muma Insights by USF Marketing Professor Timothy B. Heath explains the benefits creativity offers to organizations and how businesses can leverage creativity across hiring, management, and training practices. 

As the half-life of business knowledge continues to shrink and the speed of innovation continues to accelerate, creativity is becoming increasingly important to both personal and business success. There is a longstanding debate over whether creativity can be taught. Some say creativity stimulation comes from unlocking people's creativity largely by letting them be creative and supporting their efforts, while others say that just as we learn mathematical tools to help us improve our math, we can learn creativity tools to help us improve our creativity. There are, however, a few tried and true methods for improving creativity at the organizational and individual levels. 

Read the full white paper, available in PDF or to view on Issuu, to learn how creativity can be harnessed by your organization.

About the Author

Tim Heath

Timothy B. Heath is a professor in the USF Muma College of Business Marketing Department and co-director of the Center for Analytics and Creativity. His research investigates issues in branding, persuasion, and innovation, including ongoing research into innovation sequences, inter-temporal choices, and the nature of scientific inquiry. His research is published in the field's best journals including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and International Journal of Research in Marketing. He reviews research for numerous journals while serving as associate editor at the Journal of Marketing and on the editorial review board of the Journal of Consumer Psychology.