Muma Insights

Volume III: Forensic Accounting

Volume III of Muma Insights by Accounting Clinical Professor Kerry Myers looks at why businesses need forensic accounting and how individuals can gain the skills and training to become forensic accountants.

When we hear the word forensic, we usually think of popular TV shows like CSI, NCIS, or Law and Order, where a crime is committed and detectives and investigators use various forensic techniques to solve the crime, usually within 60 minutes! On the other hand, the word accounting reminds us of debits, credits, financial statements, tax returns and auditing. The connection? Forensic accounting melds special scientific and mathematical skills in accounting, auditing, risk analysis, quantitative methods and research with investigative techniques, law, courtroom procedure and digital forensics.

Read the full white paper, available in PDF or to view on Issuu, to learn how forensic accounting can be harnessed by your organization.

About the Author

Kerry Myers

Kerry Myers is a clinical professor in the USF Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy and is also part of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity. He teaches graduate classes on forensic accounting, drawing from his 25 years as both an attorney and an accountant with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was one of the original members of the Tampa Bay Bank Fraud Task Force and served on the Tampa Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was also certified as a bomb technician with the FBI and worked the Oklahoma City Bombing, Centennial Park Bombing in Atlanta, and the TWA Flight 800 crash off of Long Island Sound. Myers received the Federal Law Enforcement Officers' Association Annual Award for Bravery in 2008 for his work in Afghanistan with improvised explosive devices, and a Director's Award from then-FBI Director Louis Freeh for leading a national terrorism undercover operation.