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The Muma Research Office provides guidance and services for all research aspirations involving both internal and external funding agencies.  We work with federal, state and private organizations as well as USF internal award programs throughout all campuses.  Some of the major organizations include National Science Foundation, Florida Department of Transportation, Cyber Florida and U.S. Department of State.  We assist in finding funding opportunities that fit the individual researcher’s needs and goals.  The Muma unit research administrator is your liaison to USF Office of Research and Innovation and will provide assistance in preparing proposals and budgets, application submissions, and award setups, as well as project management and award compliance.

The Muma Research Office Unit Research Administrator:

Michelle Jahn
Tampa Campus
BSN 3111

Michelle Jahn

Staff Spotlight: Michelle Jahn is a one-person team helping faculty reach their research aspirations
Behind every team of business school researchers, there is a behind-the-scenes person who helps the team function. At the USF Muma College of Business, that person is Michelle Jahn.