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Analytics Team

The Muma Analytics Team is supported by the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department (ISDS) as part of the college's ongoing efforts to promote student success. The mission of this team is to participate in competitive college and industry programming competitions throughout the academic year. The team will also organize analytics and programming competitions in the local area to promote quantitative thinking among local youth. This team will consist of motivated undergraduate students who are eager to solve complex programming and analytical problems in multiple domains.

The team will be coached and mentored by USF ISDS Faculty and others throughout the academic year to ensure the highest level of competitive preparedness for competitions.

Members of the Muma Analytics Team are supported financially through work arrangements with local industry partners. Members will be expected to regularly attend coaching sessions and participate in team practices and scheduled events on a continual basis.


The USF Muma Analytics Team are the winners of the 5th Annual 2019 HERTZ Hackathon. The team placed 1st in IoT and AI divisions. Here are some photos from the event:

Team Coach

Clinton Daniel
USF Instructor

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