Learning Approach for Holistic Technology Boot camp

Learning Approach


Current ONLINE Boot camps (start 12/17/2018)

  • Python 1 - Four-week basics of Python programming course
  • Python 2 - Accelerated four-week Python programming course which covers more complex material and basics
  • Java 1 - Four-week basics of Java programming course
  • Java 2 - Accelerated four-week Java programming course which covers more complex material and basics
  • Database Analysis - Four-week data analysis course. Work with SQL and Excel to manage and analyze data
  • Web Development - Four-week web development course. Work with HTMl and CSS to build websit

The USF TechHire program aims to help young people age 17-29 in the Tampa Bay Area discover and learn technology skills that are in demand by Tampa Bay businesses.

Instruction is provided by full time USF faculty/staff where guided hands-on exercises will be used to teach students how to solve today's business problems.

Why Apply?

  • Tech skills are in high demand
  • The tech job market is the fastest growing market in the country
  • Tech workers are paid 2x more than other workers on average

"We need to be equipped for the jobs of the future, which means not just being able to work with computers but developing the analytical and coding skills to power our innovation economy," - Barack Obama

Course Costs

Our boot camps are 100% FREE because of support from:

  • Federal TechHire Grant
  • CareerSource Tampa Bay

Upon Completion

By completing one of the USF TechHire boot camps you will receive the following benefits:

  • Certificate of completion from USF ISDS.
  • The support of USF TechHire staff throughout your job search.
  • Access to funds that will pay for 8-weeks of an internship (eligibility restrictions apply).

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