BizComm Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you edit papers?

No, we do not "fix" or edit papers for students. Our peer tutors and professional staff help students look objectively at their own work and take steps to improve it.

If you don't edit papers, what do you do?

We will help students fine-tune grammar and punctuation but we start by helping students zero in on the specific requirements of the assignment and organize the project. We help students determine the best way to express their ideas clearly, logically, and concisely.

Are services available for graduate students?

We offer help to business majors — undergraduates and graduate students — in all phases of communication. Our services are free.

Where are you located and what are your hours?

We are located in BSN 2202, which is on the second floor of the old wing of BSN.

One-on-one tutorial help is available by appointment. We're happy to work with you as a "walk-in" if no one has claimed that appointment hour, and in some parts of the semester, there are few open hours.