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Why Does It Matter?

Think writing and communications courses were over once you completed the basic prerequisites? Think again.

Most students say they communicate well, but employers often disagree, saying students lack this ability. In fact, for eight years in a row, the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook survey ranked communications skills as highly as honesty and integrity. Employers said students' writing skills are weak and noted a lack of verbal, listening, and presentation skills among new college grads.

News stories confirm employers value strong communications skills for business grads:

Online Resources

  • USF Library
    There are many online resources that can help improve the quality of written and oral communications skills. USF's own library has online resources that can help with footnoting, crediting sources and the proper way to cite others' work.

  • RefWorks
    With this online bibliographic management program, references can be automatically imported from online searches or be entered manually. References can be formatted in a variety of styles, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. USF faculty, staff and students have unlimited access to this software.

  • Purdue University OWL
    Purdue University's Online Writing Lab offers terrific explanations of just about anything related to writing! OWL's grammar and mechanics help includes tutorials on everything from active and passive voice to sentence clarity, from commas and colons to transitional devices. Topics include:
    • General academic writing
    • Research and citation
    • Grammar and mechanics
    • Internet literacy
    • English as a Second Language
    • The Writing Process