Employer Relations

Internship Information

Everyone wins with internship programs. Employers are able to boost workplace productivity and students are able to strengthen business skills. Students gain real-life experiences, learn new programs, and experience life in a professional workplace. Employers gain temporary help from fresh and eager aspiring business leaders. And, while internships and practicums (essentially internships that are tied to a specific college course and lessons) are not deliberately designed to serve as extended interview, they often allow employers to evaluate potential new hires before extending an offer.


  • Internships, whether paid or unpaid, offer valuable work experience and can help you build your résumé (and a professional network).
  • Interns are expected to be a part of the employee team and are expected to be punctual, responsible, proactive contributors who comply with all workplace rules and regulations.
  • Duration of the internship varies from employer to employer. Most interns average 10 hours a week with the employer, spending roughly 100 hours per semester as an intern.
  • To learn about business-specific internships, sign up for the Muma College of Business listserv (Graduate Students Listserv | Undergraduate Student Listserv), where we post information about internships and career events.
  • Most internships have an application process similar to the traditional job search process; prepare your résumé the semester BEFORE you are ready to serve as an intern.
  • Apply for internships through Employ-a-Bull. When you apply for an internship, include a cover letter with your résumé, prepare for the interview as you would for a permanent job, and follow-up with the interviewer.