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Networking Bull of the Semester

Every semester, the USF Muma College of Business hosts various networking events for students to be a part of. Networking has always been an essential part of a business student's education and career success, and we want to know what you have done to be successful. We will recognize two of our outstanding students as the "Networking Bulls of the Semester", which will be determined by various business faculty and staff. We look forward to receiving your application and hope to see you at many other networking events here at USF.

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Spring 2017 Winner - Fioralba Leka

Hello Business Bulls! I am Fioralba from Albania. During my time at USF, I was involved in various organizations and networking opportunities that helped me develop personally and professionally.

How did I land a job?

Throughout my time at USF, I participated in a variety of networking events geared towards finding a job. Eventually, I applied for a job at Deloitte and was called in for an interview. I made an appointment at the Collier Student Success Center right away. At the center, I perfected my resume and participated in a mock interview in where I was asked every question an employer might ask. With the help of the Collier Student Success Center staff, I was confident during the Deloitte interview, and was able to quickly remember relevant experiences that showcased my skills.

Thankfully, all of my hard work at USF has paid off, and I landed the job!

Recommendation/Key to success: