Having an internship increases the chances of having a job at graduation. USF Muma College of Business leadership, faculty, and staff share more about the importance of internships in this video.

Everyone wins with internship programs. Employers are able to boost workplace productivity and students are able to strengthen business skills. Students gain real-life experiences, learn new programs, and experience life in a professional workplace. Employers gain temporary help from fresh and eager aspiring business leaders. While internships are not deliberately designed to serve as extended interviews, they often allow employers to evaluate potential new hires before extending an offer.

  • Gain knowledge of industry through hands on experience
  • See projects from start to finish to help create a portfolio of your abilities
  • Use networking skills to make professional contacts
  • Improve your confidence and professionalism
  • Enhance motivation and team-building skills
  • Learn to work efficiently under a deadline
  • Bring new skills sets and maturity upon returning to school
  • Increase your competitive edge in finding employment

Contact Information

  • Senior Director of Business Engagement and Internships - Tampa Campus
    Cyndy Sanberg
    Phone: 813-974-9033
    Office: BSN 209
  • Director of the Office of Employer Relations - Tampa Campus
    Pavla Ozkul
    Phone: 813-974-5162
    Office: BSN 2101
  • Career Counselor/Internship Coordinator - St. Petersburg Campus
    Chonice Hill
    Phone: 727-873-4497
  • Coordinator, Career Services - Sarasota-Manatee Campus
    Toni Ripo
    Phone: 941-359-4703