Applying for the Internship Course – IDS 3947

The instructions below apply to the IDS 3947 course, whether it is for an academic internship (1 – 9 credit hours) or a non-academic internship (0 credit hours).

  1. Request Course – Career Services

    You may request this on-line course through Lynn Chisholm in Career Services. Please do not leave voice messages.

  2. Approval Process – Career Services

    1. Qualification/Approval - Lynn Chisholm will determine if you qualify for this course. Once it is determined that your internship is approved for this opportunity and that degree applicable academic credit is not an option, a permit is issued to Career Services.

    2. Type of Internship - students are permitted into sections of the course that align with the type of internship they are pursuing in the categories of: off-campus, on-campus, global, international student (summer only), and Interns with Impact internships.
      Note: This is not a Co-Op - Co-operative Education/Co-Op (the multi-term internship) is a separate course/credit is obtained through Diane Mellon in Career Services,

  3. Register for Course - Student

    1. Enroll in Course – once permitted, you will receive an email from Career Services indicating which section you have been permitted in to and it is then your responsibility to complete the next steps.

    2. Verify Permit - the accuracy of the email permit (schedule, credit hours, internship type)

    3. Register in the correct section - select the desired credits for which you are eligible

    4. Canvas - access the Canvas course within Oasis

    5. Course Requirements - meet all course requirements to earn the grade of "S"/satisfactory in order to receive the internship notation on your transcript