Guidelines and Requirements

The USF Muma College of Business and USF Career Services offer three types of internships. 

1) Academic Internship - Internship Course 4940 (3 credit hours degree applicable)

The USF Muma College of Business academic internship program is designed for students who are registered for an internship course and have paid the applicable tuition. Eligible students will be able to enroll in the internship course after successfully qualifying for the course and having an approved internship secured.

Description: The course consists of two components – an academic component that focuses on professional development skills and an on-site experiential learning experience. Prior to the on-site experience students will work on professional development skills that can translate to the on-site experience and their careers. The on-site experience is expected to provide students with valuable industry experience and the ability to apply their knowledge of business/industry practices.

Requirements and Guidelines for Internship Course Enrollment:

(2) Academic Internship – Course IDS 3947, non-degree applicable (1-9 credit hours)

Description: This online course is instructed through USF Career Services as an avenue for student to earn credit on their transcripts for completion of an internship vetted through Career Services or the Muma College of Business. Qualifying internships will offer the student a meaningful, career-related experience in a hands-on, real world environment. Assignments within this course are designed to help focus the student's career-development around building transferrable skills and career-readiness competencies.

Guidelines for IDS 3947 Cooperative Internship Enrollment:

Note: The summer session of this course may qualify for internships/study abroad or internships in U.S. locations other than Florida.

Credit Value:

(3) Non-Academic Internship – IDS 3947 (0 credit hours)

Description: This on-line course is instructed through USF Career Services as an avenue for students that are not seeking nor qualify for academic credit. When academic credit is not available or the student chooses not to enroll for academic credit, IDS 3947 – zero credit hours is a valuable option that allows the student to have the internship denoted on his/her transcript while developing transferrable skills and experience.

Requirements and Guidelines for a Non-Academic Internship: