Responsibilities and Tips for Your First Internship

Students who have secured your internship should keep the following responsibilities to the employer/company in mind:

10 Tips for A First Internship:

  1. Be on time for everything – this seems basic but indicates to others that students are professionals.
  2. Be social – be likable in the office and network during an internship to build professional contacts.
  3. Find out how long the internship is – find out specific start and end dates of the internship and if they might hire an intern as a full-time employee.
  4. Interns will do some busy work – learning some administrative tasks and how those tasks help the company is important.
  5. It's okay to make mistakes – students should strive to do their best, ask for assistance when struggling, and seek feedback on how not to make the same mistake twice.
  6. Ideas are encouraged – speak up, participate in meetings, show initiative!
  7. Interns sometimes get bored – not all tasks involve interns, keep communication open with supervisors to learn about other ways or projects that can help the overall team.
  8. Quality over quantity – it's not efficient to work hurriedly, stop and ask for feedback and do a thorough job.
  9. Dress code – business casual and campus casual are not the same thing!.
  10. Responsibilities differ for paid and unpaid interns – chances of job placement after a paid internship are higher than an unpaid internship; paid interns on average receive a higher salary for their first job than unpaid interns.