Global Business

Global Business Minor

To qualify for the minor in International Business, students with a major in one of the degree programs in Business must successfully complete a minimum of 12 hours of international business or related course work. At least 9 semester credit hours in the minor must be selected from a set of approved upper-level international business courses (see below). One of the courses in the minor, relevant to the student's international area of interest, can be an approved area studies course, or other course, taken outside the College. A minimum of 9 semester hours of the minor course work must be taken at USF–Tampa. A grade point average of 2.00 or higher must be achieved in minor course work taken at USF, as well as in any transfer work applicable to the minor. Courses used in a major cannot be used in the minor. Competency to effectively communicate in a foreign language is strongly advised.

The following courses are currently approved for the International Business major and minor:

Course Title
ECO 3703 International Economics
FIN 3604 International Finance
ISM 4382 Global Information Systems
MAN 4600 International Management
MAN 4631 Global Perspectives and Management Choices
MAR 4156 International Marketing