Connect with a Career Consultant

After using USF’s Virtual Job Search Guide, if you find that you need more assistance, you can connect with one our Career Consultants in two ways:

If you have a quick question, email your question to

If you would like to set up a meeting with a Career Consultant, send an email to saying that you are an alumni and would like to meet with a Career Consultant. Let us know what your major was so we can connect you with the Career Consultant for that major. There is no cost to meet with a Career Consultant. Your appointment will be held either by phone or by video chat via Microsoft Teams (a free download).

Job search coaching services can cover:

  • Resume/Cover Letter Review (requires an electronic copy of your resume/cover letter)
  • Interview Tips & Strategies (See Big Interview online tool on the USF’s Virtual Job Search Guide)
  • Practice Interview
  • Skills Identification
  • Job Search Strategies/Targeted Campaign
  • Exploring advanced degree programs