Sharing Your Success

Help Current Bulls to See the Future!

Success can be measured all sorts of ways ... and when it comes to our careers, success is measured in a variety of ways. Sometimes, we consider being successful in ways that are often very personal: like the ability to work in a particular place or at a  job with great work-life balance. Sometimes, we measure in ways we never imagined while we were in college: like the ability to use the things we learned in our major in ways we never thought possible!

To help current Bulls here at the University of South Florida begin to see all of the amazing future possibilities that await them after graduation, we are launching an all new "Bullish About Success" campaign.  And we'd like to invite all of our alumni to participate!

To get started, get dressed in your best USF green and gold.  Then snap a selfie while you're at work. Be creative!  Showcase your company's logo (if that's allowed) and use an interesting aspect of your position or workplace to help students see what's possible.  Remember, we're trying to help our students to see all of the amazing places our alumni work at and all the great things you are doing!

Then, upload your selfie along with a few key pieces of information about you using our Bullish About Success website.  

Click here when you're ready to upload your picture!

Your photos and submitted details will be used as part of our new Success Wall installation in the Student Services Building.  We may also choose a few to feature in our social media campaigns; while others might be selected for inclusion in our "Bullish About Success" book, which will be used in our office to help students learn even more about some of our awesome alumni and their careers!

Renderings showing how the hallways leading to Career Services will be unified and updated and showcase the success of our students and alumni.

If you have questions or comments about this program, please contact Peter Thorsett, our Communications and Marketing Officer at (813) 974-2171 or via e-mail at:

By submitting a photo, you agree to the usage terms and conditions set out in the University's Photo and Video Release Form. Click here to view this document.