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Graduate & Professional School Fair

Why you should recruit at usf

USF Career Services is pleased to invite graduate and professional schools to showcase their programs at the University of South Florida's Graduate & Professional School Fair!

  • We have an undergraduate population of over 37,000 students.
  • Our students come from over 145 different countries.
  • We are ranked as one of the Top 40 Most Diverse Public Institutions in the United States.

2019 Graduate & Professional School Fair

Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Marshall Student Center Ballroom, 4103 USF Cedar Circle, Tampa, Florida 33620

To register for Graduate & Professional School Fair, you must have an ACTIVE Handshake account and be connected with "University of South Florida." CLICK HERE to visit the registration page in Handshake and click the "Register" button in the upper right corner to get started. Then log-in or create your Handshake account to get started with submitting your fair registration.

USF Departments/Colleges interested in attending: Please see the USF section below for details and registration instructions.


USF Career Services assesses tiered registration fees per fair based on organization type and registration date. Registrations are approved on a first come, first served basis; space is limited and registration for certain fairs may become full before the advertised closing date. Marketing and booth placement may also depend on the time of registration.

Early Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
Regular Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
Cancellation Deadline & Deadline for Inclusion in Maps: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (see Policy section below for more information)
Late Registration Deadline: October 17, 2019 (fair date) or until the fair is full

Tax Exempt Organizations: Please note you will be asked to provide a copy of your Tax Exemption Certificate to receive the discounted registration rate listed below.

  • Early Registration Rate: One Table: $250.00
  • Regular Registration Rate: One Table: $300.00
  • Late Registration Rate: One Table: $350.00
  • Additional Representative Fee (after the first two that are included): $15.00
  • Additional Table Fee (after the initial registration rate): $50.00

Standard Organizations: Please note that standard organizations will be charged the 8.5% sales tax for Hillsborough County, Florida. All fees listed in Handshake include the sales tax on top of the base registration rates listed below.

  • Early Registration Rate: One Table: $250.00
  • Regular Registration Rate: One Table: $300.00
  • Late Registration Rate: One Table: $350.00
  • Additional Representative Fee (after the first two that are included): $15.00
  • Additional Table Fee (after the initial registration rate): $50.00

Graduate & Professional School Fair Registration includes the following (unless additional items are purchased, where noted):

  • One 6’x30” display table located in one booth space (unless additional table is purchased, additional fees apply), organized by recruiting interests. Plastic table covering available, by request.
  • Parking permits, beverages, and lunch for 2 representatives (unless additional representatives are purchased, additional fees apply).
  • Space for up to 4 representatives (additional representative fees apply after the first two representatives). If more than 4 representatives are attending simultaneously, and additional table must be purchased (additional fees apply).
  • Electricity access at your table (you must provide your own extension cords).
  • Banners and displays must be limited in size and placed on top of or directly behind the table (see Policy section below for more information). • Wireless (Wi-Fi) access is provided to all guests at USF. We will have directions available at the fair or you can CLICK HERE for instructions on connecting to the USF-Guest network. This process will work on all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.


Career Fair Policy & Cancellation Deadline
USF Career Services has posted the "Career Fair Policy," which includes information regarding Cancellations, Refunds, and No Shows. Please note the posted Cancellation Deadline for this fair; for full details, CLICK HERE to visit our Career Fair Policy website.

Deadline for Inclusion in Maps
In order to ensure your school is included in the listing of participating organizations and the fair map, you must register before the posted deadline. Due to print and logistical deadlines, registrations received after this date may not be included in either the printed or digital marketing materials distributed to students.

Display Size Policy
Our fairs can be crowded, so for compliance with ADA Guidelines we strongly discourage large displays and recommend strategic placement of materials at this fair. Banners and displays may not exceed the posted size of the table, and must be placed on top of or directly behind the table to ensure the aisles are not blocked and neighboring booths are not impeded. USF Career Services reserves the right to review the placement of all materials, provide notification of this policy, and instruct changes to be made to ensure aisles and booths are not blocked.

For an organization with large displays (anything larger than the posted size of the table), a second table must be purchased before the Cancellation Deadline in order for the oversized display to be set up at the fair. If an organization sets up the oversized display and did not purchase a second table in advance, USF Career Services reserves the right to review the oversized display, provide notification of this policy, and charge for a second table after the fair.

Additional tables are limited and granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and Career Services reserves the right to refuse additional table space. An organization may purchase only one additional table for any fair they attend.

Representatives Policy
Fair registrations includes accommodations for two representatives, with space for a maximum of four representatives to staff each table. There is an Additional Representative fee which all organizations will be charged for any representatives after the first two that are included with registration.

For organizations bringing more than four representatives to work concurrently, an Additional Table must be purchased before the Cancellation Deadline. Fair registrations for two tables includes accommodations for four representatives and increases the overall booth space for a maximum of eight representatives to staff the tables.

For the comfort of participating recruiters and attending students, and in response to feedback, USF Career Services will verify that employers are adhering to the permitted maximum number of representatives. As a result, Career Services reserves the right to assess the number of representatives (either listed as intended attendees on the registration and/or physically present at the fair), provide notification of this policy, and charge for additional representatives accordingly (either before or after the fair).


Thank you for your interest in registering for the Graduate & Professional School Fair!

Career Services is providing the first table to each college at no charge and additional tables at $100/table. Each initial table will come with one free lunch for a department/college representative. Additional lunches can be purchased at $15/lunch (You will need to provide a department chartfield string for payment of any additional items).

Please note that space is limited for this event. With that in mind, Career Services has allotted one table ONLY for most USF colleges. This means that upon review of your registration request, if you are representing a singular program or department within a college, you may be asked to partner with another similar program/department within your college. You will be notified of this and the intended program partner’s contact details prior to the event in order to confirm or decline participation. Programs/departments may be paired based on the recruiting interests pods indicated in the registration request form so please choose the correct area when completing the form.”

Registration Process
Please click here to complete a survey to register for the 2019 Graduate & Professional School Fair.


Fair Logistics
For additional information and logistics for this fair, please review the Graduate & Professional School Fair Logistics. This document contains all event logistics necessary for planning before and participating on the day-of the fair, including: timeline, directions, parking, shipping, and more. To access this document, please refer to the "Attachments" section on the left side of the fair registration page (note the “Attachments” section is only available while logged in to Handshake).

USF Goes Green with Career Fair Apps
We provide access to career fair maps and information about the fairs through the Career Fair Plus app! Within the app, students and employers will be able to see which organizations are attending, review company descriptions and booth locations, and navigate an interactive map of the fair spaces. It further provides you with recruiter-specific information, including logistics and real-time updates about the fair (such as when lunch is served!).

To Download Career Fair Plus for Apple, click here.
To Download Career Fair Plus for Android, click here.


Please contact us if you have any questions! Please use the list below to identify who to contact based on your needs.

  • For additional information about the Graduate & Professional School Fair or USF student population: Alicia Savage, Assistant Director of Professional & Career Development
  • For assistance with creating your Handshake account, registering for the fair, billing/invoices, or fair logistics: USF Employer Relations