Internships and Co-op


Micro-Internships help organizations get immediate support while identifying and evaluating candidates for future hiring needs.

Unlike traditional internships, these paid opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, can be completed year-round, and help teams scale up seamlessly - with no unnecessary expense.

Micro-Internships have many benefits, such as:

  • Established pipeline of highly motivated talent
  • Opportunity to engage with diverse candidates
  • Improved hiring effectiveness
  • On-demand support available to address resource needs
  • Evaluation period with candidates to ensure mutual fit
  • Reduction in new hire attrition
  • Support for a student's academic outcomes

Micro-Internships can include projects across all departments of an organization, including sales, human resources, strategy, marketing, research, operations and support, and finance and accounting.


Employers interested in hosting micro-internships for project-based work can get started by creating a free online account with Parker Dewey.

Creating Your Free Account with Parker Dewey

From the USF Parker Dewey Micro-Internships main page, click "Create a Free Account," then click "Sign up as an Employer" below the sign in button.

To create your account, you will need to provide your organization's name, your first and last name, email address, and a password.

Once you've logged in to your new account, you will have the chance to complete your profile. We encourage you to spend some time making sure your profile is complete and up-to-date, as it will show up in each project posting.

Who at my organization should create an account?

Parker Dewey works directly with hiring managers across departments as well as human resources professionals for company-wide campus recruiting programs. Many department heads use Parker Dewey to get work done on-demand while building a talent pipeline for sales, marketing, finance, operations, and just about every other department.

Posting Your Micro-Internships

To post a new project, navigate to the "Open" tab from your dashboard and click "Create New Project." There is also a link available here to view example projects for a wide range of potential projects. These examples can be used as a base template for you to easily begin your own project.

When creating your project, you will include information like the project name and description, the estimated number of hours it should take to complete, the fee to be paid to the student who completes your project, and the anticipated start and end dates.

You can also indicate whether this will be an on-site or remote opportunity, though Parker Dewey does note that they see greater success at attracting students from diverse backgrounds through remote projects as that provides a better level of flexibility on when and where the project is completed.

You will also have the opportunity to select how many students you want to work on this project, and whether you have a preference for current students or recent graduates.

In addition to the project details, you posting will also contain a few free response questions for candidates to respond to as part of their application process.

Once your posting is live, you can edit the project details, track applicants, share the project, or cancel the project. If you cancel a project, you can reopen it at any time.

How do I select a candidate for a project?

Since each employer best understands the skills, profile, and personality required to successfully execute a project, it is up to the company to determine how it wants to evaluate candidates. Given the short-term nature of the engagements and the consulting relationship, this is typically much more streamlined than the process of making a hiring decision. Many organizations select a student based solely upon the individual’s profile and answers to project-specific questions, though some also request work samples, or conduct phone interviews.

Employers should expect work quality comparable to that of a skilled intern or new hire. The students and recent graduates on Parker Dewey are focused on exceeding expectations as they seek to demonstrate their skills. In addition, they have access to resources and insights that may not typically be considered by industry veterans, allowing them to bring a unique perspective to the task.

How long is each Micro-Internship?

Unlike a traditional internship, Micro-Internships typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work. Most employers request that the deliverable be submitted between one week and one month after the launch. For larger projects, Parker Dewey recommends that employers unbundle these into shorter, individual assignments as this provides maximum flexibility, as well as offers greater opportunities to work with a diverse array of students. 

What is the cost of engaging Parker Dewey?

Like the project scope and deliverables, each employer determines the engagement cost, of which the specific candidate you select receives 90%. In general, project budgets work out to be between $15-$25 per hour.

Beyond the cost of the engagement, there are no additional fees charged by Parker Dewey. There are no additional costs to register, serve as an employer, or access Parker Dewey’s content library. 

Furthermore, Parker Dewey encourages its employers to hire students for as interns or full-time employees, and we minimize barriers to employment by not charging any finder’s fee to either party. In fact, we LOVE when we can help facilitate a mutually beneficial full-time professional opportunity.

Additionally, there are no fees for students to apply and work on Micro-Internships or be a member of the network.

How does the payment process work?

No payment is required to post a project or review applicants. Payment is made to Parker Dewey only at the time the engagement begins (i.e. the specific student is selected by the employer). Parker Dewey holds these funds in escrow until the completion of the project is approved by the employer.

Payment for this business service can be made via credit card, electronic bank transfer, or check. We are also willing to work directly with our employers if any other methods are preferred.

Are the students who complete the engagement employees or contractors of the employer?

Parker Dewey is a consulting firm where a company pays a fixed fee to Parker Dewey to execute a project. Similar to other consulting firms, the client can select a specific individual to execute that assignment and communicate with them directly, but the business relationship is with Parker Dewey itself. The Terms of Service between Parker Dewey and both Career Launchers and Clients further elaborate on this, and Parker Dewey receives a physically signed copy of this from all of its contractors before a project begins.

To that end, the specific consultants working on these engagements are not employees or 1099 independent contractors of our clients, therefore there is no administrative, accounting, or HR burden.

Are these engagements confidential?

All students are subject to the Nondisclosure and Assignment agreements included in the Terms of Use. Beyond the legal ramifications of violating this agreement, it is presumed that the students understand the impact that violation of these agreements would have on their opportunities for future employment and the status of their relationship with their university. To the extent an employer would like to supplement this with its own Nondisclosure and / or Assignment agreements it may do so directly with the student.

Can the employer provide any feedback to the student selected for a project?

Upon completion of the engagement, the employer has the opportunity to provide feedback. The review of the student includes an overall rating along with an evaluation of the performance in five specific areas: timeliness, communication, quality, presentation, and skill level. In addition, employers can offer confidential feedback directly to the student, providing professional development similar to what an individual might receive from a mentor.

In all cases, Parker Dewey does not publish this feedback, nor is there any form of rating on their platform.

Are Micro-Internships available for international students?

Micro-Internships are eligible for international students through CPT, OPT or a work visa. When international students sign up for the platform, their account is not activated until they confirm their eligibility to complete Micro-Internships. The students are directed to reach out to their International Students Office, and once they confirm eligibility, the profile is activated on Parker Dewey.