Recruiting Policies


Recruitment Standards

All organizations, and its representatives, participating in recruitment services and/or events at the University of South Florida must abide by the Principles for Professional Conduct as outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). USF reserves the right to terminate any organization or their representative(s) who behave in an unethical or unprofessional manner.

Career Fair Policy

Our Career Fairs provide students a venue to network with employers, submit their resume to recruiters and learn about employment opportunities. Career Fairs allow employers the opportunity to create awareness of their organization, employment opportunities and recruit potential candidates. Read our Career Fair Policy here.

Job Posting Service Policy

Career Services' job posting service is intended to provide USF students and alumni with current information on employment opportunities. Advertisement of a job in Handshake does not indicate an endorsement by USF or Career Services. Students and alumni are responsible for all necessary precautions when submitting a resume, interviewing and/or accepting positions listed on the website. Read our Job Posting Service Policy here.

On-Campus Interview Policy

Our On-Campus Interview Program allows students, alumni and employers to connect to discuss employment opportunities. Any eligible student/alumni and employer may participate in the On-Campus Interview process. Career Services, using due diligence, ensures to the best of its ability that student/alumni resumes are actual accounts of the candidates' qualifications and that employers adhere to ethical recruitment standards. Read our On-Campus Interview Policy here.

Third Party Employers Policy

Career Services works with selected Third Party Employment Services (TPES), doing business as a direct employer or as a contractor with the direct hiring employer, to provide students access to their employment opportunities. Since Career Services can neither research nor endorse TPES agencies, guidelines have been established for the protection of students and alumni. Read our Third Party Employers Policy here.