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Virtual Fair Schedules

Click here for the recording of our Tune In session on this topic.

The walk-through below will provide you with specific times within this video that you can skip to in order to learn more about that particular section.

Setting Up Your Schedule is Important

Students are only able to meet with you during the virtual fair if you have set up your schedule. If you don't set up your schedule, it would be like if you registered for an in-person fair, arrived to the location, and just stayed in your car. (Tune In video - view at 7:15)

It's also important to link your job postings to your fair registration, so that students know what you're recruiting for before they sign up for your sessions. (Tune In video - view at 8:45)


Our Handshake Quick Tool Can Help You Prepare

We developed this tool to help you prepare your schedules [PDF]. It walks you through the process of building your schedules in a step-by-step format. (Tune In Video - view at 10:00)


Start by Clicking "Add Schedule"

The fair registrant has to build the schedules. Other organization contacts, including representatives who may be attending the fair, will not be able to build the schedules. Once the registration has been approved, the fair registrant should receive an email from Handshake, and can log back into Handshake at any time to click the large blue "Add Schedule" button to get started. (Tune In video - view at 12:25)


Build Your Schedules - Demo

(Tune In video - view at 13:40)

View our August 10 Tune In session to learn how to link a job posting to a fair registration.

Search for fairs - select "Show your schools only" - and select the appropriate fair.

Click the large blue "Add Schedule" button. Remember, this must be done by the fair registrant.

Click the gray "Add Sessions" button.

Select the representatives that you want to have attend this event. You can select up to 100 representatives, and we encourage you to have as many representatives attend as possible. We are not assessing any additional fees for additional representatives for any Fall 2020 fair.

Any representatives that you select will need to have their own account in Handshake. They can create an account on their own, or you can create one on their behalf. Click here for more information on both of those methods.

Click "Add team" once you've selected all the representatives.

The sections below walk you through the scheduling process. We recommend thinking this through before beginning to set up your schedules, as some of these options cannot be changed once they have been set. Use our Handshake Quick Tool to help you prepare to minimize changes needed.

Group Sessions

(Tune In video - view at 17:05)

Group sessions allow for up to 50 participants - including both student and representative attendees - to meet at one time for a thirty-minute period. If you anticipate wanting more than 50 participants during a group session, you can opt to use your own video platform, but will need to keep in mind any limits of that platform. Additionally, you are limited to a maximum of 25 representatives in any single group session.

We recommend hosting at least one group session during the fair, which will allow time for your representatives to discuss your organization's open positions, culture, application process, or other general information at one time with a larger group of students.

This may attract students who are unfamiliar with your organization and may therefore feel intimidated by a 1:1 session, and allow for them to connect with your recruiters in a more casual environment.

Keep in mind that the title of a group session is limited to 25 characters; the description is limited to 250 characters.

As of August 28, 2020, there is a maximum limit of 12 group sessions for an organization during the fair.

Once you've created all of your group sessions, you will be able to add representatives to the group sessions. Note that the number of representatives you can select will be limited by the number you indicated on the page where you created the group. Once complete, you can click "Assign Team."

1:1 Sessions

(Tune In video - view at 28:15)

1:1 sessions allow for your representatives to meet individually with a single student for up to 10 minutes, giving them time to have a more in-depth conversation about the open positions, organization, and student's qualifications.

Select "Add 1:1 Sessions" for whichever representatives will be offering this type of session.

You can add qualifications to the 1:1 sessions if you would like. Qualifications can only be added by the registrant. Representatives cannot create or modify the qualifications. Qualification options include:

  • Graduation date
  • School Years
  • GPA
  • Major
  • Work Authorization

Do note that these qualifications will limit the students you can meet with during these sessions. Additionally, keep in mind that USF Career Services staff cannot see these qualifications that you have chosen, and neither can students. We have already gotten inquiries from students about difficulty signing up for sessions they believe they should be qualified for.

Once complete, you can click "Confirm schedule and invite team."

Claiming a Schedule

(Tune In video - view at 32:15)

Once the fair registrant confirms the schedule and invites the team, the representatives selected will receive an email asking them to claim their schedule. At that time they will be able to go into Handshake to view their schedule.

The only modifications that representatives can make at this time is marking 1:1 sessions as "Busy" so that students cannot sign up for those times. We recommend thinking about when you may need a break, and marking one or more of these as busy as needed.

Group sessions that the representative is signed up for will be visible on the calendar, but will not be able to be edited by the representative. Any changes that need to be made must be made by the fair registrant.


Use the "Title" Field

(Tune In video - view at 40:00)

Help us help our students get connected to you! Because we can't see the qualifications you might have added to your representative 1:1 sessions, we recommend editing the "Title" field to share what qualifications your specific representatives are looking for.

Here's our hack! (Tune In video - view at 42:40)
Go to My Profile > Account > Title Field edit (255 character limit) > Update User
You can view several examples in our video above. Editing this will let both our staff and our students more easily see your qualifications.


Next Steps

  1. Post Your Positions to Handshake
  2. Monitor Your Sign-Ups and Engage with Students