Sponsorship Opportunities for Employers

Sponsorship opportunities are available as an additional recruitment strategy.  Employers can become a member of the University's Strategic Sponsor Program, at either the Green or Gold levels.  Employers may also choose to sponsor specific activities, programs, or initiatives within Career Services on an a la carte basis.


Strategic Sponsor Program 

Gold Level - $4,000

The Gold Level also includes all items from the Green Level.

Green Level - $2,000


A La Carte Sponsorship Options

Faculty appreciation breakfast or lunch

First Destination Survey

Networking event

Dining etiquette

Interview suite naming

Premier Sponsor for a Career Fair

Premier Sponsor for electronic Career Fair guides

Employer provides shirts or polo shirts to Career Services staff featuring employer logo

Career Fair Student Ready Room


Perhaps you have other suggestions for how you would like to help support career services at USF. If so, we'd love to hear your ideas! E-mail us at RecruitUSF@usf.edu.