Steps to Hire a Co-op Student


  1. Register with us through Employ-A-Bull and indicate in the Co-op Education Agreement that you would like to participate (the agreement is included in your Employ-A-Bull registration).
  2. Post your Co-op position via Employ-A-Bull with a position type of Co-op only. You should also include Co-op at the end of the job title. Please review the Co-op Recruitment Timeline when considering dates for posting your position. Check "Screen Applicant Types" and "Screen Majors" when posting your position.
  3. Contact/respond to students from the Co-op candidate pool you're interested in and set up interviews.
  4. Keep in mind that our On-Campus Interview Program offers a convenient, central location for you to conduct all of your Co-op interviews at USF. Career Connections allows you to manage your on-campus interview schedule 24/7.
  5. Once you hire a student, notify the Career Services office so we can deactivate your listing and start the process of getting the student registered for the course.