Careers and Coffee

Careers & Coffee events are hosted by individual employers in the Marshall Student Center Atrium on select dates in the Fall and Spring semesters.

During the event, USF students are welcome to drop by, grab a cup of freshly poured coffee, and chat with representatives from the visiting employer! You can use your time to learn about the company by asking questions about the work culture, career paths, job benefits, and the interview process.

Careers & Coffee is open to all USF students. Casual or business attire is appropriate for this popular event and resumes are not required.

Click here to view the employers visiting the Spring 2020 Careers & Coffee events. Be sure to click "Join Event" to keep updated on the Careers & Coffee events.


Information out of date? Please contact us to update the page, or login to Handshake and view this semester's Careers & Coffee employers in the "Fairs" section.