On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviews for Students

Interested in interviewing with top Tampa Bay organizations, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies right here on campus? Each semester, our On-Campus Interview (OCI) program invites local, state and national recruiters from a multitude of organizations to USF to conduct interviews for internships and full-time professional positions. Interviews are scheduled through Employ-A-Bull so activate your account today!

On-Campus Interviews for Employers

Our On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program offers a convenient, central location for you to conduct all of your full-time, Co-op and internship position interviews at USF. Career Services will advertise your interview visit, position description and hiring criteria through Employ-A-Bull, our online recruitment system. Employ-A-Bull also allows you to manage your on-campus interview schedule 24/7. Request a schedule today!