Cooperative Education Timeline & Eligibility

Co-op Application Timeline

To apply for cooperative education your students should complete the following steps:

Co-op Eligibility Requirements

All students: 

Undergraduate students: 

Graduate students: 

New Co-op training positions not already in Employ-A-Bull may be submitted for consideration by students who are Co-op applicants, but only after their application has been approved and they have completed the course prerequisites. If submitting a training position for consideration, your student must provide the company name, a contact person, and their phone number or e-mail address. Career Services will contact the employer for possible acceptance into the Co-op program. Because this process takes time, we cannot guarantee that new employers and/or positions may be approved by a specific date. If the employer is approved by Career Services, their position(s) will appear in Employ-A-Bull with the other approved positions, for the semester for which they are approved.

Career Services definition* of a full-time Co-op student participating in Alternating or Parallel Co-op options is as follows:

Parallel: Work a minimum of 15, preferably 20, on-site hours at an approved Co-op site that results in a minimum of 240 on-site training hours for the semester

Alternating: Work a minimum of 35 on-site hours at an approved Co-op site that results in a minimum of 480 on-site training hrs. for the semester; No coursework is required; however, it is recommended that one course (on-line or evening) be taken to avoid paying a Co-op fee and maintaining academic progress toward graduation

*Please note that other University offices may define a full-time student differently. In addition, other benefit programs may use different criteria to define a full-time student. These may include, but are not limited to: the Veterans Administration, Bright Futures and other scholarships programs, other federal, state or civic programs or scholarships.