Services for Faculty

We partner with several faculty members each year. We'd like to have you be one of them. How can we help you and your students? We can:  

Help your students explore and/or affirm whether their major and career choice is a good match. Our staff, using various assessments and occupational exploration resources, can help your students assess if the major/career they've selected is a good match for their interests, work values, personality, skills and future career goals. We can also assist if they need to re-select a career/major.

Help your students polish their job search documents and graduate school essay. Whether your students need a review of their graduate application, résumé or cover letter, we have staff on hand to offer a critique as well as point them in the direction of online and printed resources.

Help your students practice and polish their interview skills. Students can practice their interview skills 24/7 using our virtual Optimal Interview software. Using a webcam, a student can record and save his or her practice interview in Optimal Interview, then stop by the Career Services office during Career Express hours to have it critiqued by a counselor or career peer.

Help your students connect with employers. Your students can establish a free account in Career Connections, which allows them upload a résumé, apply for job postings and submit a résumé for an employer's on-campus interview schedule. Students can view part-time, internship, co-op and full-time employment opportunities. They can also attend employer information sessions and other special recruitment events hosted by employers across the campus.

Conduct a customized career presentation for your class. Our career counselors and career peers present on a variety of topics, such as an overview of career services, résumé writing, job search strategies, interviewing skills and professional branding. Need to cancel your class? Don't! Contact us and we'll fill in with a career presentation. Just submit your requests via our presentation request form and give us advance notice...and we're there.

Provide you the most current information regarding the ethical and legal issues related to faculty referrals for employment opportunities and legal issues with unpaid internship. We have resources to inform you about the legal and ethical responsibilities regarding student referrals, as well as the current Department of Labor Guidelines on the six criteria unpaid internships must meet to be considered legal.

Invite you to our meetings and on-site visits with employers. We meet with employers on a regular basis and they often ask us how they can connect with you. We can invite you to join us in our meeting, or with your permission, we're happy to provide your contact information. Each semester we also conduct on-site visits with employers and invite faculty to join us. It's a great way to see the workplace where your students and graduates are (or could be) working and meet those that are training them.

Introduce you to recruiters at our career fairs. Attending our career fairs is a convenient way for your students to meet recruiters and establish a network of contacts who have an interest in hiring USF students. It is also an excellent way for you to learn, first hand, what employers want from your students and for you to share information about the quality and signature research of your academic program.

Establish your faculty account in Career Connections so you can see the type of part-time, co-op, internship and full-time employment opportunities being posted for students. This is an easy and convenient way for you to keep up with current employment opportunities for your students. It also provides a centralized database for you to refer employers to that contact you to post their jobs as well as a place for you to refer your students seeking employment. While we're happy to establish an account for you, we ask that job descriptions and employer contact information is not made public outside of Career Connections. This ensures we can track and record the number of student/alumni resumes referred, interviews conducted and report of hires in a centralized database....and of course, we can provide you this information to use in accreditation reviews as well as to help you respond to questions about "who is hiring your students?".

Help you integrate career planning, employability skills and professional development content into your curriculum. Faculty across the campus are collaborating with our Career Services staff to enhance their classroom by infusing career and professional development content into their curriculum. If you want to help your students become not only academically prepared but "market ready" when they're ready to transition into the labor market, call on us. We can help.
We're also open to your suggestions and creative ideas for other ways we can collaborate. Thinking about other ways you visualize working with the Career Services? Don't just think about it....let's talk. Contact your liaison to discuss your idea(s).