What are the benefits of using Career Services?
When your student uses Career Services, they are choosing to participate in a purposeful career planning process. We will assist students as they go through a self-assessment process, explore occupations through career research, match a career to a major, and then seek out experiential education and conduct a strategic job search. This process is done with the support of experienced career professionals.

When should my student come in to see you?
Career planning is an important process, so we encourage students to begin using our services their first semester. Studies show that students who have a clear career goal are much more motivated and less likely to drop out of school. The Career Services office is located in the Student Services (SVC) building, along with other students services such as Financial Aid and Admissions. We're in room 2088, on the second floor, by the elevator.

What if my student and I disagree on the best choice of a career?
Although you probably know your student very well, you might suggest that they come to Career Services for a career assessment to ensure they are going down the right career path. Through Career Express, our walk-in advising service, students can meet with a Career Peer Advisor to get started. Then, if needed, they can schedule one-on-one hour-long appointments with one of our full-time Career Consultant professionals. These appointments may be scheduled to help your student develop a career action plan and answer questions.

Can I schedule an appointment for my student?
There are a number of reasons why we prefer to have students schedule their own appointments. We find that students whose parents schedule appointments for them tend not to follow through with their appointment, sometimes because they aren't even aware it was scheduled to begin with! Additionally, in most cases, students aren't able to book an appointment until they've met with a Career Peer Advisor during Career Express. If you've talked to your student about coming to see us, but they haven't taken that first step, give us a call. We can let you know if we have any events coming up that might allow your student to interact with us in a more casual and approachable environment.

Is it all right to attend an appointment with my student?
If your student feels strongly that they need your support during their first visit, you many accompany your student when meeting a Career Consultant. However, as an adult, your student must consent to your participation. If your student feels that they are confident enough to talk with a Career Consultant on their own, you can still support your student by familiarizing yourself with the tools and information available on our website.

How can my student find employment?
Career Services uses Handshake, an online career management system that allows students to build out a profile using their resume and apply for part-time and full-time jobs, internships, and Cooperative Education positions posted by local, state, national, and international employers. Your student already has an account created for them! To claim the account, they can login to Handshake through the MyUSF portal. The link to Handshake is located under the My Resources tab, and is listed as "Find a Job (Handshake)."

Do you have career fairs?
We hold career fairs and recruitment events to connect your student to employers. We typically host at least two Career & Internship Fairs each fall and spring semester: the Bulls Connect Fair and the Accounting Fair. The purpose of the career fair is to allow employers (typically 100+) and USF students/alumni to network. Professional attire is strongly encouraged and students should bring plenty of copies of their resumes. If your student doesn't have professional attire, they can visit Suit-A-Bull, our lending closet, to borrow some. Additionally, they can stop by Career Express for help with their resume. To help prepare for the Career & Internship Fairs, we hold our Know Before You Go week where students have the opportunity to engage with our staff and employers who will attend the fairs and ask questions about a variety of topics related to the fairs. We also hold a Part-Time Job Fair each fall and spring.

Can you guarantee that my student will have a job when they graduate?
What we can guarantee is to provide services to help your student choose a career, plan and prepare for their job search, and provide opportunities for your student to network and interview with employers. We teach students how to conduct a self-directed job search, which will help them not only when they graduate, but in years to come.